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Due to increased travel and larger group celebrations associated with the July 4th holiday, Bangs ISD will be temporarily closing all summer strength and conditioning beginning June 29th. This is precautionary and in no way due to any reported cases among our student-athletes or staff. Please remain diligent in following all safety guidelines, see you on July 13th.

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There has been some confusion about what is not allowed at Bangs Memorial Stadium or Bangs High School Gym, so we wanted everyone to know about District 4-AAA football rules, District 6-AAA volleyball rules and stadium rules. The following items are never allowed in Memorial Stadium or any other athletic venue: 

1. Air horns of any size or type

2. Propane tanks or anything similar

3. Any vehicle or trailer

4. Outside drinks

5. No pets

6. Visitors are not allowed on the football field after games